Bilimoria Tech is amazing. It was very enjoyable to work with them.
Rating: 5 stars
Jake Jung
Web Developer
This guy knows his stuff, hands down! Very reasonable pricing, quick and efficient! USE HIM. What are you waiting for?
Rating: 5 stars
Robert Stevens
Owner, MacTek Utah


We say what we mean and mean what we say.


Experienced in Serverless, WordPress, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AWS, DevOps, Ansible, and Terraform, to name a few.

Customer Centric

Happy customers, happy life.

“Just like with a product, you can’t just build your content strategy alone in a dark room and expect it to be successful. You need to learn what your customer’s want, gain a deep understanding of the problems they’re trying to solve and work backward from that.”
Rating: 1 stars
Hiten Shah
"If you know how to make software, then you can create big things."
Rating: 1 stars
Xavier Niel
"There is a constant need for new systems and new software."
Rating: 1 stars
Marc Andreeson
“Improve the product experience, and everybody wins.”
Rating: 1 stars
Dharmesh Shah